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The Alvord Educational Foundation’s mission is to support & enrich student’s educational experiences within the Alvord Unified School District. We fulfill this mission through classroom Enrichment Grants for teachers and staff and by providing scholarships to graduating seniors.

Each year we see increases in the number of Scholarship applications from our senior students and requests for classroom Enrichment Grants from AUSD teachers and staff. Helping fulfill the needs of these programs will require additional fundraising efforts.

We often receive thank you notes and letters from scholarship recipients. One notable letter we received recently was from a young college freshman stating she was very grateful for the scholarship which would help her achieve her goals of becoming an astronaut. Students who have been benefited from Enrichment Grants have been able to participate in a wide variety of subjects both on and off campus.

In order for us to continue providing these scholarships and grants, we need financial help from community members, parents, private business owners and donor organizations to fulfill that mission.

Our financial goal for the 2022/2023 school year is to increase donations by $50,000.00. We are hopeful that the donations and event sponsorships from businesses in the Alvord District area and throughout Riverside County will help us reach our goal. You can help our children and be a part of AEF by making a monthly, annual or one time contribution to our foundation. We are grateful for your help. It is possible for nearly every dollar of your donation to go directly to our students because all of our Board Officers and Members are volunteers, and therefore have few operating expenses.

The Alvord Educational Foundation operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, qualifying it as an exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). This makes your donation 100% tax deductible. We hope you will consider helping us help the students in our community with your donation.

There are two ways you can donate to AEF: Check or Credit Card.

To Donate By Check - Make your check payable to: Alvord Educational Foundation

Send your donation to:

Alvord Educational Foundation (AEF)

C/O Alvord Unified School District

9 KPC Parkway

Corona, CA 92879

To Donate by Credit Card, Please complete the form below

** Please Note: Every credit card processing company charges fees for processing every credit card charge. These fees must be paid by someone; either the payee or the payer. In order for AEF to receive your entire donation, the amounts listed below show the donation amount on the left and the amount including the processing fees on the right (this is the amount your credit card will be charged). If you prefer not to pay the processing fee you may send a check. We appreciate your understanding and hope that this does not have an impact on your decision to make a donation to this foundation.


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