About Us

The Alvord Educational Foundation (AEF) is a non-profit, non-political organization formed in 1985 and composed of concerned citizens from throughout the community. This Foundation is unique in its dedication and mission and is dedicated exclusively to benefiting the students of the Alvord Unified School District. The Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who are dedicated to continuing to provide Educational Enrichment to all our students. Our program supports Educational Grants for schools, allowing teachers and staff members to apply for funding that enhances their classroom and school activities, including unique equipment and supplies, study trips, assemblies, artistic activities, physical education training and other creative enrichment opportunities. Scholarships for Alvord seniors helps provide funds for graduating students to pursue further education after high school in trade schools or colleges. Special activities such as the District Science Fair and other events also are supported by AEF.

Board of Directors


President: KR Zack Earp

Secretary: Nancy Wyatt

Treasurer: Neil G. von Koehe

Board Members

Getty George III

Jennifer Johnson

Victoria Anderson

Jeff Riley

Ray Aguire


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